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Pamela Miśkiewicz Ph.D.

Pamela Miśkiewicz graduated from the Faculty of Materials Technology and Textile Design of the Lodz University of Technology in 2016, specializing in textile design engineering. She received the Professor Witold Żurek’s award from Gdynia Cotton Association for the best diploma thesis entitled "The influence of clothing personalization on the user's thermal comfort". In 2019, she received an award for giving a presentation at the National Scientific Conference SCIENCE AND YOUNG RESEARCHES in the session of technical sciences. In the years 2017-2020, she completed scientific internships at the Central Institute for Labor Protection - National Research Institute. In November 2022, she obtained a Ph.D. degree in engineering and technical sciences in the discipline of materials engineering. Her doctoral dissertation concerned a surface modification of basalt fabrics by PVD method for the use in protective gloves.

Pamela Miśkiewicz, Ph.D. is a co-author of scientific publications published in the following journals: Materials, Autex Research Journal, Polymers, International Journal of Clothing Science & Technology or Fibers & Textiles in Eastern Europe and one chapter in the scientific monograph entitled "Innovative materials & technologies in made-up textile articles, protective clothing and footwear".

Her scientific interests concern such issues as: modification of the surface of fire-resistant fabrics using the PVD method (Physical Vapor Deposition), modification of fire-resistant fabrics with aerogel, thermal comfort of the user in clothing.

Pamela Miśkiewicz, Ph.D. teaches at undergraduate studies in the fields of textile and fashion industry as well as design. She conducts classes in the field of clothing production, clothing construction and modeling, clothing technology, textile packaging as well as machinery and equipment used in the fashion industry.