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Assoc. Prof. Marcin Barburski, Ph.D. D.Sc., TUL Prof.

dr hab. inż. Marcin Barburski, prof. uczelni
Assoc. Prof. Marcin Barburski, Ph.D., D.Sc.

Studied at the Faculty of Textile Engineering and Marketing, specialization Architecture of Textiles, graduated in 2001. In the same year he began PhD studies at the Lodz University of Technology, received PhD in 2007 and habilitation in 2016. Since 2005, he is employed at the Faculty of Materials Technologies and Textile Design in the Institute of Architecture of Textiles. From December 2019 he is on the Associate professor position.

His scientific activities include matters basically concerning formation of the textile structures for a specified purpose - dedicated textile structures, the modelling structure and properties of fabrics under mechanical loading, technical textile, conveyor belts, steel fibres knitted fabrics as well as textile products made for composites, embroidery, textiles acoustic barriers and X-ray tomography used to analyse textile structure.

In order to improve his professional and scientific qualifications he completed academic internships at the Faculty of Technology and Design in Saint-Petersburg (Russia), Faculty of Textile at the University of Budapest (Hungary), at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Belgium), at the Department of Materials Engineering in Composite Group and, at the Textile University of Ghent (Belgium). He has been a beneficiary of the international and national scientific grants offered by the Institute of Architecture of Textiles. Within 2011-2013 he has been working on his habilitation project “Modelling of the bending rigidity of technical woven structures for the pipe conveyor belts”. At the same time, till 2014, he has been working on his own research project called “Experimental study and modelling of steel fibre knitted fabrics for forming of automotive glass” for the competition “Mobility Plus” at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in co-operation with the company Bekintex (Belgium).

In 2019-2021 he was the coordinator of the project financed by the EU in the National Centre for Research and Development “Practical design at the Lodz University of Technology - second degree studies”. Currently he is the coordinator of the project financed by the EU Horizon Europa “Sustainable Industrial Design of Textile Structures for Composites”.

Moreover, he is a certificated Coach of ‘International Coaching Community’, has a certificate of International Project Management Association – IPMA on level D and graduated from the training for Management Coaches MATRIK and Tutoring.

He is a author and co-author of many papers in journals and presentations at national and international conferences.