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Jacek Leśnikowski, Ph.D. D.Sc.

I received an M.Sc. degree from Lodz University of Technology, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Lodz, Poland, in 1990 and a Ph.D. degree from Lodz University of Technology, Faculty of Engineering and Marketing of Textiles, Lodz, Poland, in 2003 and D.Sc. degree from Lodz University of Technology, Faculty of Engineering and Marketing of Textiles, Lodz, Poland, in 2013.

I'm currently a researcher with Lodz University of Technology, Department of Architecture of Textiles. My scientific activity covers the discipline of materials engineering. The main areas of my scientific activity are measurements of non-electrical quantities using electrical methods, measurement instrumentation, design and construction of measuring equipment, automation and automation of industrial processes, computer measurement methods, electronics applications in Textronics, and textile signal lines. I am the author or co-author of scientific articles published in journals and papers presented at national and international conferences.
More information about my scientific achievements can be found at:

I am a member of faculty and university committees. I am also the designer and co-contractor of several dozen measuring instruments, of which several are used for measurements in various research units and industrial plants in Poland. I am also the author or co-author of several patents. For my work, I received several medals at international and national exhibitions of inventions and innovations. I was also awarded the Cup and 4 diplomas from the Minister of Science and Higher Education. In 2008, I was awarded the Special Firi Award for Best Invention at the International Invention Exhibition New Techniques and Products, Inventors Festival in Suzhou, China. In 2009, with my colleagues, I received the Polish First Degree Award in the research and scientific work category for the study "Firefighter's clothing with a system for monitoring physiological parameters". For this study, I also received the Łódź Eureka 2009, a distinction awarded by the Council for Higher Education and Science under the President of Łódź, promoting Łódź scientists and creators. I also received diplomas for scientific, didactic and scientific activity and awards as part of supporting the scientific excellence of the Lodz University of Technology.