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Dorota Taranek, Ph.D., D.Sc.

dr hab. Dorota Taranek
Dorota Taranek, Ph.D., D.Sc.

Born in Zyrardow - a city built around a linen factory. Graduated from the National High School of Fine Arts (currently known as the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz) in the Carpet and Tapestry Atelier of professor Antoni Starczewski and Jacquard Textile Atelier of professor Krystyna Gorska. Received a scholarship from the Hungarian School of Arts and Crafts in Budapest.
Author of artisanal woven fabrics. Specializes in designing jacquard textiles and dobby fabric. Paints on silk and does wool felting by hand. Weaves tapestries.
The winner of many awards, for example: honorable mention in the competition for Stanislaw Trzeszczkowski’s Prize during the exhibition FiBER ART 2022 (DAP Gallery, Warsaw, Poland); honorable mention at the 8th International Biennale Of Fiber Art in 2014 (Nantong, China), silver medal at the 14th International Triennial of Textile in the Central Museum of Textile in 2013 (Lodz, Poland), 2nd award of the Marshal of the Pomeranian Voivodeship during the 8th International Baltic Triennial of Miniature Textiles in 2010 (Gdynia, Poland), honorable mention in the competition Souvenir From Poland (2009), award of the AKAPI foundation for the best debut during the 12th International Triennial of Textile in 2007.

Recently, she took part in the following exhibitions:
7th Riga International Textile and Fibre Art Triennial QUO VADIS? Riga, Latvia, 2023
22nd International MiniTextile EXhibition BUBBLE 2022, Umelka Gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia, 2022
FIBRE ART&FINE ART 2022, Magyar Muveszeti Akademia, Budapest, Hungary, 2022
8th International Biennial of Contemporary Textile Art WTA Sustainable City, Museo del Traje, Madrid, Spain, 2019
100 Years of Bauhaus. Bauhaus fiber art exhibition, Art Ventures Gallery, Menlo Park, California, USA, 2019
ARTAPESTRY5 - The exhibition of fibre art organized by the European Tapestry Forum as a tour around central Europe, including the countries like: Denmark (Art Centre Silkeborg Bad, 2018), Sweden (KULTURCENTRUM, Ronneby, 2019), Latvia (Mark Rothko Art Centre, Daugavpils, 2019), Romania (Arad Museum of Art, 2019).
11th Baltic Mini Textile, Gdynia, Poland, 2019 (The exhibition was also shown in 2021 in Australia at Redland Art Gallery in Capalaba)
JACQUARDS. The pieces of applied art from XIX to XXI century. Industrial History Museum, Opatowek, Poland, 2018  
Dorota Taranek. Jacquard textiles 2018, Test Gallery, Warsaw, Poland, 2018
TEXTURE. A Polish touch, London Design Fair 2017, London, UK - project implemented by Adam Mickiewicz Institute

About my work
The presented works are the recreations of pieces from the real world to which are added the ideas and intentions of the author. This form of art is one of the ways of communication with a goal to pass the crucial emotions, inspirations and fascination onto the surrounding. It is a true interpretation of chaos I perceive everywhere around me and in which, after all, I manage to notice the moments of harmony and beauty and then present them in the language of fiber art. I`m all about continuity, endurance and pursuit of specific goals . The results of previous activities implicate certain art processes. In this way, self-realization, authenticity and fulfillment follow. The only limit is my imagination.
My idea is not only to support the tradition of jacquard while adding  the new weaving techniques, but also to develop and look for the modern ways of expressing myself balancing on the verge of structural necessity and composition.
Being a professional with no limits in using textiles I started looking for an individual form of expression, obliterating the distance between the mass art and the high art. For me, the matter of the highest importance is to break the stereotype in perceiving the function of jacquard textile which has been only envisioned for the industry.
The artistic consciousness has allowed me to negate this perception, because what is created with the use of modern machines can’t  diminish the value of work. I definitely rejected the parameters of utility reserved for a series of textiles, by applying the unconventional structures, materials, but also their combinations which allowed to obtain an absolutely new quality in the choice of formal methods in the process of designing the art textiles single- and multirapported. The realization of jacquard is a long and tedious process. This job requires full contribution, it stimulates human physique and emotions. It never stops, since we are unable to control our often subconscious intellectual activity allowing us to create new ways of thinking about creative ideas and interpreting the design.
I`m stuck between obeying the technical rules and seeking artistic freedom.

Didactic achievements are the result of the years of experience in the textile industry as a designer of furnishing and decorative fabrics as well as the R&D collaboration of Institute of Textile in Lodz on the reconstruction of textiles to revitalize the interiors of the Ministry of National Education or Fryderyk Chopin National Institute in Warsaw.

Students achievements:
- Jacquard. Taranek and students. BWA Gallery in Sieradz, Poland - The presented works belonged to: Ewa Hipnarowicz, Aneta Krauze, Paulina Lukasik, Beata Kowalczyk, Mateusz Knapinski, Wiktoria Leman and Zuzanna Laszkiewicz,
- Design for Success. - The exhibition of works of the students of the design major of the University of Technology in Lodz, 2022, LSP Galler, Piotrkow Trybunalski, Poland; curators of the exhibition: D. Taranek, J. Kucharski
- 4th International Young Textile Art Triennial YTAT 2022, Municipal Gallery of Art, Lodz - presentation of the work entitled Friction/Tention by Natasza Lewandowska, which was a part of her diploma „Morphology, histology, cytology and human physiology as an inspiration to design textiles”, under the artistic guidance of Dorota Taranek
- Winner of the Marshal of the Lodz Region 2022 - Anna Czapinska for her MA thesis „The industrial architecture of the Polish capital of textiles as an inspiration to create clothing fabrics and clothes”.  
- INVENTIONS 2, Museum of the Factory Manufaktura, Lodz, 2019 - the presented works were chosen from the bachelor’s degree collections under the supervision of Dorota Taranek and Aleksandra Rutkowska belonging to the following students: Julia Piaskowska, Aneta Krauze, Sylwia Glomb, Jadwiga Lenart, Agata Wojcieszonek, Gabriela Sienkiewicz, Zuzanna Laszkiewicz, Elzbieta Kowal, Julia Wlodarczyk
- Graduate student - Jagoda Janczak - took part in the exhibition celebrating 100 years of diplomatic relations between Poland and Japan in Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art in Japan in 2019. Earlier, Jagoda Janczak was a finalist of the competition „The Portrait of Chopin” in the Chopin’s Museum in Warsaw (2016).
- The 4th „Belt&Road” International Culture and Art Week in Chengdu Textile College (China, 2018) - 4th edition of the festival in which took part 20 universities from 16 countries, including: USA, UK, Poland, New Zealand, Nepal, Malaysia, Laos, Indonesia, France, Ethiopia and Canada. The aim of the festival was to facilitate communication and cultural exchange between countries through various workshops (ex. calligraphy, embroidery), lectures, fashion shows and exhibitions showing the achievements of teachers and students. Each participant has received a certificate. During the festival the works of Ewa Hipnarowicz, Zuzanna Laszkiewicz and Gabriela Sienkiewicz were shown.
- INVENTIONS. Jacquard textiles and printed textiles of the students of the design major of the University of Technology in Lodz, 2018. - The exhibition was accompanying the 14th edition of Meetings with Fashion at Leczyca Royal Castle, organized by the Community Center in Leczca. The presented works were chosen from the bachelor’s degree collections under the supervision of Dorota Taranek and Aleksandra Rutkowska belonging to the following students: Julia Piaskowska, Aneta Krauze, Sylwia Glomb, Jadwiga Lenart, Agata Wojcieszonek, Gabriela Sienkiewicz, Zuzanna Laszkiewicz, Elzbieta Kowal
- „In a porcelain garden”. Students of the University of Technology in Lodz. Lodz City Museum 2017. - Presentation of sketches, designs of the printed and jacquard textiles inspired by porcelain. The works were made under the supervision of D. Taranek and belonged to: Katarzyna Abramczyk, Malgorzata Byczek, Marta Chrobak, Anna Chwalinska, Malgorzata Fijalkowska, Sylwia Glomb, Ewa Hipnarowicz, Karolina Hosa, Jagoda Janczak, Olga Jeczkowska, Izabela Kochan, Ewelina Kosinska, Aneta Krauze, Magdalena Kuznik, Joanna Lesser-Zaleczna, Dominka Ligman, Zuzanna Laszczkieciz, Kinga Mrugala, Julia Piaskowska, Adrianna Skotnicka, Michalina Warska, Kacper Witkowski, Agata Wojcieszonek, Magdalena Zdanowska.

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