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Agata Poniecka, MSc., Ph.D. candidate

Graduate of the Faculty of Material Technologies and Textile Design at the Lodz University of Technology, specializing in Textile Engineering with a focus on Textile Design Engineering. Currently, a doctoral candidate at the Institute of Architecture of Textiles in the field of Materials Engineering. Her primary areas of scientific interest include Tailored Fibre Placement technology, encompassing technical embroidery; the use of natural fibers in creating reinforcements for composites; and issues related to sustainable development.

Since 2019, professionally affiliated with the Institute of Architecture of Textiles as an administrative and financial officer. She is responsible for managing both national and international projects, including „Wzornictwo praktyczne na Politechnice Łódzkiej - studia II stopnia”, „Model współpracy szkół zawodowych ze szkołami wyższymi w zakresie kształcenia w zawodzie krawiec”, "Project - Product - Promotion. International Collective for Design" and "Sustainable Industrial Design of Textile Structures for Composites".